Amanda Seyfried on why she will never divert away from her personal style

Amanda Seyfried still feels uncomfortable on the red carpet. As one of Hollywood’s most recognisable faces, you might assume that she wouldn’t be fazed by it, but, like so many A-list actresses, she still struggles to feel at ease in the unusual situation. Posing in front of so many photographers will always have its challenges, she tells me, and no matter how much experience you have, it rarely feels like a natural thing to do.

“I really enjoy experimenting with fashion on photoshoots, but the red carpet is a different animal; it’s very brief and it’s very frantic,” she says, speaking to me over Zoom from her kitchen table, dressed down in a cosy knit. “You don’t really have enough time. When I’m on a shoot, it feels more like acting – it’s more about the art in fashion, which is really fun for me. You can take as long as you like to feel comfortable and make the clothing work for you, which just isn’t really the case on the red carpet.”

Because of this, Seyfried feels that she has boundaries with red-carpet dressing, knowing what she will feel at ease in. The actress has been working with stylist Elizabeth Stewart for years, someone who she says truly understands her style.

“Elizabeth is so savvy – she is so amazing and I trust her so much,” she says with a smile. “She has these incredible relationships with designers, and she always finds the pieces that she knows I will like. She understands what will look good on my body and she knows my boundaries with fashion, and I am so grateful for that.”

In terms of the process that goes into finding those amazing red-carpet looks, Seyfried says it is all down to Stewart, who brings a rack of clothes over to her house, which will always have something on that she’ll love. “It’s actually always very easy. Every once in a while – maybe once a year – I’ll see something in a magazine that I want to try, but almost always, it is something she has chosen, something she has put on hold, knowing I will love it.”

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