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Welcome back everyone to Amanda Seyfried Vault! My name is Belle and I will be taking over ASV, I have always been a huge fan of Amanda and I used to run a site for her back in the day and when I saw that Helene wanted to sell this site I jumped into this opportunity. Anyways, I will be making some changes here, and one of them is the brand new theme and I will be updating the gallery soon! I appreciate your patience as the website was down for a long time but we had to change hosts and fix somethings but here we are so YAY. I hope you enjoy this new era for ASV.

June 21, 2024   Admin

Hello Amanda fans ! Sorry for my absence, I was somehow locked out of the WP part of the site but the gallery has been active ! Find below everything that I’ve missed, click on the thumbnails to view it :


April 10, 2024   Admin

So fetch! The girls from Mean Girls are reuniting! Lindsay Lohan, Lacey Chabert and our own Amanda Seyfried were seen filming a secret Mean Girls project (apparently a commercial) on October 06 in Los Angeles. You can find some pictures online, such as on the NY post website.

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October 8, 2023   Admin

On September 26, Amanda Seyfried was in Paris to attend the Lancôme x Louvre party at the Louvre as one of the ambassadors of the collab. She looked stunning in pink. Find pictures of the event in the gallery.

September 27, 2023   Admin

On September 08, Amanda attended the Ralph Lauren “Ready To Wear’ fashion show in New York. I’ve also added some missing pictures for Lancôme as well as the new campaign “Louvre“. Enjoy!

September 10, 2023   Admin

VOGUE – I didn’t ever picture myself holding an Emmy,” responds Amanda Seyfried as I congratulate her on her latest achievements. But I’ve pictured you holding one, I think to myself. After all, she is Amanda Seyfried: the naive Karen in Mean Girls, the sunny Sophie in Mamma Mia!, the hopeful Cosette in Les Misérables, and, of course, the frighteningly ambitious Elizabeth in The Dropout — in whose shoes she won both an Emmy and a Golden Globe.

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June 5, 2023   Admin

Amanda Seyfried promoted her new limited series The Crowded Room on May 30 and June 01. She visited Good Morning America and attended the global premiere with the rest of the cast. You can click on the thumbnails to access the album or head directly to the gallery, enjoy!

June 5, 2023   Admin